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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Gutwrench, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Jan 2, 2011
    1. Dragon
    2. Keeper
    3. PCalc

    First I want to say I am not affiliated in any way with these three apps. I've only used them a short time, some longer than others, and have found they have great value for me. I wanted to share it with you.

    I downloaded this app a few weeks ago but only started using it in earnest recently. And it has really proven it's worth. Right now my wife is in China until September, my daughter is in Chicago for the summer, and my son is in boot camp in Georgia for the summer.

    I have been dictating e-mails to them and have found it very convenient. The application recognizes my voice and translates it almost perfectly. I can then through tap of a button imported into an e-mail or save it to a clipboard and pasted into another application to print. I am not a Facebook person but that is also an option.

    There are various password vaults available. 1password is an option that many people like. I downloaded Keeper a long time ago for the iPhone. At first I thought it was just an average functioning application. I wasn't overly impressed with the way it stores its data. But it is functional.

    Recently I upgraded and also installed the new version for the iPad. I see now that I can do Internet syncs between the two iPads and my iPhones and it is working very nicely. Whenever I pay a bill or use certain functions of Keeper I take notes for documentation. I even document conversations with customer service reps so that I know what we discussed and agreed upon. When I open the Keeper on a different device I find the all the notes are completely in sync. This is a very nice app.

    I downloaded this app primarily so that I could do decimal to hexadecimal conversions and a few other tasks. I am still evaluating this app but finding it functions very nicely. It handles everything that I throw at it and it is very convenient. What I wanted to really point out was the customer service I received after installing it.

    I made a mistake when installing an upgrade of this app. I sent an e-mail to customer service on Sunday, Father's Day. Within one hour I received an e-mail back from a person I will identify only as James. He apologized for the problem and gave me some advice to troubleshoot. In following his advice it was obvious I had made a mistake. I corrected my mistake and found the application working perfectly. What is noteworthy to me was the timeliness of the customer service support and willingness to go out of their way on a Sunday to help me. I e-mailed him back explaining that it was my mistake to which he replied expressing happiness that it was resolved.

    I am definitely the type who will complain if something isn't working. I should try harder to compliment people and companies when they do work as designed. I have to complement James and this app for their customer service. The app works perfectly so far and I can't express my appreciation for their support.

    I just thought I'd share these few positive experiences.
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    Nice reviews. I also think Dragon is a great app, especially considering the price (free!).

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