Design Student: CS3 Design Standard or Premium??


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Jun 1, 2006
Hi, I'm a graphic design student and I am going to buy a 2.0 GHz 20" iMac to replace my iMac G5 and along with that, CS3. Right now I only use the programs that come in the design standard package but I will be taking a multimedia class where I will probably be using Flash and Dreamweaver. I have both Flash and Dreamweaver MX and Adobe CS presently. Would it be worthwhile to pay the $350 for the Design Premium suite or just buy the Design Standard package with the programs I normally use for $230? I am going to be graduating in a year so this will probably be my only opportunity to get this deal.

Thanks for your help!


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May 16, 2007
Seattle, WA
Get the Premium. Dreamweaver's changes since MX aren't THAT significant (though Dreamweaver CS3 is a big improvement from Dreamweaver 8), but they are there - but the big thing is Flash. There have been major, major improvements and changes in interface/structure since Flash MX (which was 2002, right?) - especially since the whole YouTube/Flash Video movement started taking off. For Flash alone, get the Premium package - it is well worth the $120 difference in price.

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Jun 5, 2007
Just get the premium. For the little more you pay, with your edu discount, I would think you would be better served. Or at least I was. :)