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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Echoes2331, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Dec 12, 2011

    I have to design a cover and also the inside text of a book for a project. I have been learning InDesign in school for 2 years but I don't think I have enough knowledge to make it really good.

    So im looking for some tutorials on the internet, but I need help, I can't find anything....probably because I don't even know how it is called in english.

    Thanks! :)
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    Oct 20, 2010

    Are you looking for tutorials on graphic design and layout or how to use InDesign? The two are very different.

    It won't matter how proficient you are in InDesign... if you can't actually "design" in it! ;)

    My tip:
    Search for "Jan Tschichold"

    Plus look for "The Golden Section" if you are looking for design inspiration.

    However, if you are looking for tutorials on the use of InDesign, have you thought about buying a book?

    Happy hunting.
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    Feb 28, 2010
    United Kingdom
    I'm not sure if this is what you want, but has a lot of designers willing to make things like this...
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    Jan 29, 2007
    Book Design Rules

    If you are looking for book design rules or advice, this is a good introduction:

    They refer to the Chicago Manual of Style as well, and the rules are for North American book design. European book design rules are somewhat different (page sizes/signatures etc. are different, for one thing), and I'm sorry I don't have any links for Euro-style design rules.

    Though I have done books for the EU market, I simply followed the North American rules and my client's specific needs and there were no issues (no pun intended!).

    Cheers, and Good Luck with your first book.


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