Desktop or Laptop in This Particular Circumstance


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Nov 2, 2013
What if you use your laptop in the same location most of the time, but occasionally want to move it across the room to a different desk?
And once in a while go on a trip? And if you hate to interface with the laptop, and use a separate keyboard and mouse anyway, even when temporarily away from home?
What if your laptop started to show signs of decrepitude? Would you replace it with a desktop? Can/should a desktop be moved around on a whim? Can it be taken on a trip?


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Nov 12, 2019
It seems pretty clear that a laptop would be the most suitable and only choice here.

The next closet choice would be a Mac mini. But you probably wouldn’t want to carry both the Mac and a monitor along with their power adapters and cables back and forth between the tables, not to mention bring them altogether on a trip, at that point you might as well just mobilize your whole room, hook it up on a truck and bring it with you. Just kidding...