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Sep 17, 2014
East Coast, USA
I just got an iPad Pro 12.9, so far I like it but with how powerful the iPads are now, why can’t websites automatically go to the desktop versions? My biggest annoyance is with the YouTube website. Even if I go to the desktop version of YouTube, it will only allow me to select video quality up to 720p. And simple google searches still automatically use the mobile version which looks weird on a screen that’s so large.

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May 26, 2016
Use one of the many third party browsers available on the AppStore. Most do support that feature. Not sure why apple never prioritised it.


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Jan 24, 2013
Get the iCab browser and Protube.

ICab allows you to select different user agents so it tricks websites into thinking you're on a laptop. It also allows downloading of files - it's what I use to download (public) .mp3s/wavs for audio sampling.

Protube removes all adds from YouTube, and allows the iOS video floating thing.
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