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Discussion in 'OS X El Capitan (10.11)' started by -BigMac-, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Hey guys.

    I bought a Windows 10 license, and have been trying to install bootcamp on my iMac 5k 2015.
    I am surprised at some of the new changes with the assistant, which arguably make it more difficult to install.

    For one:
    Where is the 'create install media' option?

    I already tried to install it just by linking the iso, once rebooted into the setup, it failed, as i ran into a problem many have reported here to do with the fusion drive (2tb), where you cannot install due to the file system.

    What is the workaround for getting the fusion drive to install bootcamp?

    Couldn't find a conclusive solution for this anywhere..

    thank you! :)
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    Regarding FusionDrive I have no experience but you will certainly receive hints from knowing people like for instance Weaselboy.

    Here just 2 experiences I had with BootCamp, simply for information and maybe(?)...helpful.

    First "experience".
    In my MP late 2013 I couldn't use the BootCamp of El Capitan for reasons I don't understand. :eek:
    After formatting in NTFS the partition, the Windows installation repeatedly interrupted because "not seeing" the actually created NTFS partition.:(
    Since BootCamp does not work with a partitioned hard drive, it was a mess to recreate one single partition and try again...failing again. :eek:
    This is how I solved it.
    I cloned with CCC the entire inner drive (my entire El Capitan system) to an external one, made bootable.
    Booting from that one I erased the El Capitan and installed inside my computer Yosemite, just the OS without my software.
    Using THAT :rolleyes: BootCamp I created with a USB stick the installer drive and finally managed to install Windows.
    Then I booted again from the external drive, erased the Yosemite and cloned back my entire El Capitan system.:)

    Another BootCamp "experience".
    My MacBook 4.1 early 2008 was supposed to allow through BootCamp to install Windows 7.
    Not a newer Windows but only 7.
    However it refused to recognize both a Windows 7 DVD and a .iso... for reasons entirely unknown to me. :eek:
    In YouTube I found a procedure which I followed, not exactly like there described but in a similar way, and it worked.
    I had previously downloaded Apple's Windows drivers and had them in a USB stick.
    According to YouTube's indications I divided with DU my drive and made a second partition for Windows.
    Using Tuxera NTFS I formatted it as NTFS.
    I downloaded the free boot tool reFind and installed it on my OSX system.
    Restarting I could now see my Windows install DVD. ;)
    I had one for Windows 8.1 and made it install it in the NTFS partition.
    With the Apple Windows drivers of the mentioned USB stick plus a Windows tool called Driver Easy I managed to get all the necessary drivers for WiFi, sound, the iSight Webcam etc. :)

    So just two different BootCamp failures I had in 2 different Macs and 2 different workarounds which worked for me.

    I hope you find the way to do your installation.
    As already mentioned, I haven't any experience with FusionDrive but other users with a lot of knowledge and very helpful like Weaselboy had several posts regarding FusionDrive problems and how to solve them.
    Good luck! :)

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