Desperately need help with OS X Menu Bar!

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by AppleFanBoii, Oct 16, 2013.

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    Hey everyone!

    I need some help removing applications form my menu bar in OS X 10.8, I have tried the Command-Drag, but it doesn't work, I guess that could be because they are third party applications?

    I have put the picture on my twitter page with the link here As I cant seem to post only the picture,

    The ones I want to get rid of are, the K, which is Kapersky, and the square type one, I have gone into Finder and Macintosh HD to get rid of them, but I can't find the files??

    Can someone please help me get rid of them!! Thanks!!!
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    If you hit the command key and then drag the icon off the menu bar it will be removed.

    I would look to remove the application, to fully get rid of the stuff like this. Does Kapersky have an uninstaller? If so run it. If not, look in the /system/Library for any reference to Kapersky. Also look in your ~/Library folder as well (this is hidden so hit shift cmd G and type in ~/Library).
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    Sep 4, 2010
    Using Command Key and drag doesn't work :(

    Well, I deleted Kapersky, just moved the application to the trash and removed, but I guess that got rid of everything, except the icon!
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    Also follow these steps to understand where the Finder icons plugins are stored.

    1. Hold down the 'option' key and with the button held down click on the Finder menu 'Go' and scroll down and select 'Library'. This will take you to YOUR Library (hidden) folder. Once that opens go to the folder for 'Contextual Menu Items' and make sure the plugin for the unwanted thing is not there.

    2. Now close that Window and go to OS X's Library by just go to /YourHardDrive/Library/ and go to the same named folder called 'Contextual Menu Items' .

    In OS X they are called (as you guessed) Contextual Menu Items. Plus sometimes developers try to get around theses traditional folders and try to be smart. Most of the time there will be a checkmark in an Application that has a Finder menu item. So look for it in the offending application itself.
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    You could also try Mac Bartender to manage your 3rd party icons on the menubar.

    - Kyle

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