desprate need of audio converting program (wav to mp3)


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May 27, 2007
i know ITUNES can do this but i am looking for a stand alone app.

coming from the pc world, i would use DBpoweramp,
which was really nice, i could right click on the audio file
and it would have a convert option.

so does any software like this work on a mac?

i'm running Mac OS X Version 10.4.10 (INTEL)

i'm fairly new to mac. so please help a newbie out.


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take 5 minutes and open up Automator.

Create a "plug in" that

-imports audio file into iTunes
-set it to import Mp3

save it.

That's it.

Now, you can just right click on any audio file, and select

automator->(whatever you named your plug in) i named mine Mp3 import

let it do it's thing.



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Apr 29, 2005
Newport Beach, CA
i like the suggestion above, very creative. i use soundcoverter, it costs $10 but converts everything to everything only negatives are that the $10 license will only work for one machine and that when you convert is doesnt save all the meta tag info.


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Aug 16, 2005
I use Max ( to convert music files. Comes in handy for converting flac files to mp3, which iTunes can't handle.

I'm also digging the Automator answer above. I haven't had too many needs for Automator, but def a cool option.