Detecting computers on the network


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Jul 8, 2005
Santa Rosa, California

I did a search but didn't come up with something substantial, so hopefully someone can help. Is there a program out there that shows the computers on my wireless network? I have WPA/WPA2 on but I still think someone is getting on my network.

Thanks for any help.



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Jul 2, 2007
Open up the Airport Utility, go to Base Station>Manual Setup, then go to Base Station>Logs and Statistics.

In the Wireless Clients tab you can see all current clients (I assume it doesn't show previous connections, although I don't know, this being the only computer I've ever connected to it with). If everything appears normal there but you are still suspicious go to the logs tab and look for Mac addresses that shouldn't be there (you can see the Mac addresses of all the computers currently on the network under Wireless Clients). There might be a simpler way, but that will work.