Determining which Time M. backups will be kept as the weekly?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by zeppo2, Jun 16, 2013.

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    Since Time Machine will only saves hourly and daily backups for the short term, it would be nice to know the schedule of the backup it will ultimately save "permanently" (until the drive fills up) as the weekly backup.

    It would be nice if you could choose the "back up now" option and then earmark it to be kept as a point of possible return (rather than have it be deleted as just another run of the mill hourly save after a month's time.). But short of that, if there was someway of knowing which backup is going to be kept as a weekly, just before that backup, I could have my machine set up the way I would like to return to in the future (saving steps of installing or uninstalling software, configuring software, etc.)
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    The way it determines which day of the week to keep is based on the day of the week the oldest backup was created - that is presuming you have at least one backup done each day.

    If you do have your system off for a day or longer and miss doing a backup on the day of the week it has been keeping as the weekly, it will adjust around that and continue using the new day of the week it selects.

    You do have an interesting suggestion for tagging backups. I suggest you write it up and submit it to Apple via Time Machine feedback.
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    Thanks, Bear.

    There's good FAQ that I came across before posting here, but it didn't have an answer for me. Still, it offers great info, assuming it is still current with Mountain Lion.

    What I'm not sure of is whether a full restore in a sense becomes the "oldest backup" (figuratively) as far as determining the timing of the next backup that will ultimately remain as one of the saved weekly backups. That is, older backups will remain, but by doing the full restore, does that restoration, or perhaps the next hourly backup, serve to remain as one those saved weekly backups, with the next one to be saved for "posterity" occurring a week later from that point?

    For example, if I have my computer on daily, and I can see that the "weekly" backups that aren't getting deleted after a month are occurring on a Sunday, but I do full restore on a Tuesday, will I ultimately a month later see that the "weekly" backups that aren't deleted are Tuesday backups?

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