Detroit Auto Show: what do you like?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by jeffy.dee-lux, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. jeffy.dee-lux macrumors 6502a

    Nov 19, 2003
    Autoblog has a great summary of all the cars and concept cars that were unveiled today to get you up to speed:

    Just wanted to stimulate some discussion in a non-car-forum community, those guys are often pretty nuts and suffer from a lot of brand loyalty (people on a mac forum don't even know the meaning of the word! ;))
    Here are my thoughts:

    Audi - A6 Hybrid: Pretty nice vehicle, although bragging about all electric range and max electric speed in a non-plug-in hybrid is pretty pointless, considering all the energy has to come from burning gasoline anyway. Going 3km on all-electric just means your engine's gonna have to work harder afterwards to recharge the battery.

    BMW - 1 Series M: Very hot! Too bad we won't get a hatchback though!
    - 6 Series convertible: sooooo ugly, IMO. I actually miss Chris Bangle!

    Chevy Sonic: I like it a lot! The B-segment is now really flushed out at this point. Even the sedan looks good, that's surprising. I usually find B-segment sedans really awkward.

    Chrysler 300: This is too modest a restyling I think. Great you made it look more like an Audi. It looks better than the old one for sure, less polarizing, but I don't think it'll help the vehicle make many more sales. Chrysler really needs some help on the cars front, how bout a decent C-segment contender? Not to say anything of the 200...

    Ford - C-Max Hybrid and Energi: that's a pretty lame name for the PHEV, but they've sure built up a very nice lineup of alternative powertrains, and they'll all be coming out of the same plant (these two plus the gas and electric Focus models). Really not a fan of the "C-Max" name itself, either. The vehicles look pretty cool though, just not sure if people in general are interested in this format of a vehicle. I'm more of a series hybrid fan (i've built a few myself), but I think there's room for a PHEV like this one, it should offer a pretty nice compromise.
    -Vertrek: I'm not a big fan. I like the current escape a lot, this thing abandons the "rugged" "truck-like" styling for something much more sleek. This could be a key to increasing sales, i'm not sure, but I prefer something that looks a little tougher.

    Honda Civic "Concept" - snoooooze fest! I am shocked that Honda put together something that's such a modest departure from the current 5 year old design. That design was very impressive when it first came out, now they seem to be giving us a simple MCE when it really needs more to stay fresh.

    Hyundai - Veloster: I really like the proportions and the general format of the car, but I'm really not a fan of the details of the front end (headlights, grill). Those designers need to calm down!! Thumbs up to the 6-speed manual as standard!

    Porsche 918: I'm a huge fan of that powertrain, followed along with the 24 hours of Nurburgring when the GT3 Hybrid almost won. Lets hope Porsche fields this in a few races as well. The car looks great too.

    Toyota - Prius family expansion: I like their approach here. The Prius V is an interesting option (lines up very well with the C-Max hybrid, although a year sooner). The styling is a little weird though, maybe it's the profile that bothers me, but of course that's essential for the aerodynamics.
    The little Prius C hatchback is very cool, i love the format, personally a small hatchback hybrid is probably the closest to what I'd be in the market for. The proportions and profile on this thing are fantastic, the tail is nice, but good god those headlights just DON"T WORK. They ruined it for me, hopefully a production model would tone that down a lot!

    VW - Passat: Generally I guess it's pretty handsome, but I just find it very bland. I don't think this thing will stand out very well, but I guess VW's have generally always been about moderate good looks. We'll see what the market says, I feel like I've lost track of the Passat over the last few years.
  2. Apple OC macrumors 68040

    Apple OC

    Oct 14, 2010
    Corvette always ... The Greatest American Muscle Car. :cool:
  3. leomac08, Jan 10, 2011
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    Jul 12, 2009
    Los Angeles, CA
    BMW M1

    I hope it's cheaper than the M3, (40K for basic model would be nice)

    Audi A6

    The grill.... nough said
  4. Watabou macrumors 68040


    Feb 10, 2008
    United States
    Good to see Porsche finally making good looking cars again...if that goes into production.

    The M1 coupe and the SLS look very good as well. The M1 is wayyy too overpriced though. It's almost $50k!
  5. jeffy.dee-lux thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Nov 19, 2003
    What was there about the Corvette this year? I didn't see it at all on Autoblog, do I have to actually go beyond Autoblog for once?
  6. steve2112 macrumors 68040


    Feb 20, 2009
    East of Lyra, Northwest of Pegasus
    I haven't seen anything that really grabs my attention.

    The M1 is heavy and really isn't that fast. I would rather have a regular 335i with the same turbo engine. The 300 does look like an Audi, with a copy of their grille and those annoying LED "eyebrow" lights.

    I actually like the Sonic. It's not my type of car (too small), but I kind of like the looks and it is way ahead of the Aveo. I also like the Ford C-Max, but I wonder how it will sell. It's similar in size to the Mazda 5, but it doesn't sell very well. I actually like the look of the Veritek, but then again, I'm not really a SUV person.

    Honda and Toyota: YAWN! A Prius station wagon? Big yawn. The Prius C is boring. I'm not surprised by the Civic, since Honda's stylists have been asleep for years. Of course, they are still better than Acura's, who managed to make some good looking cars very ugly.

    Veloster: Hyundai has been on a roll lately, but this one may be a strikeout. This one looks kind of a mish-mash, though. The rear end reminds me of the Honda CR-Z while the front end looks like a Nissan 370Z. I also don't care for the 3 door design. It didn't work for Saturn, and it doesn't really work here. Then again, I'm not young and hip, so maybe it's just me.

    I do like the Porsche 918, though. The Passat is a snooze fest. It isn't quite the train wreck the Jetta is, but it's still boring, which means it may actually sell in the mid-size sedan market. Boring sells.
  7. jeffy.dee-lux thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Nov 19, 2003
    Considering all three C-Max models, plus the regular Focus and the electric Focus will all be rolling off the same assembly line (MAP), I wonder how many it'll have to sell to make a case for it... Sounds like they've got a great setup to match production with current market demand, between different powertrains and different vehicle types. It's just too bad you can't get an electric C-max, and a hybrid Focus.
  8. steve2112 macrumors 68040


    Feb 20, 2009
    East of Lyra, Northwest of Pegasus
    Yeah, that was my thinking. A mainstream hybrid Focus would sell a lot more units. Then again, a hybrid C-Max could be a really fuel efficient people mover.
  9. quagmire macrumors 603


    Apr 19, 2004
    Corvette is a sports car.....

    Anyway, today was great. It was my first time going to NAIAS and it was exhausting. I like the Sonic, Buick Verano, BMW 1M, and others. I drove the Volt as well and anyone willing to give me $40K because I loved how it drove.

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