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Jul 8, 2014
Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Updated both my MacBook Pro and iMac to Developer Beta 2 and both run amazingly well still, however the iMac doesn't seem to wake up when it goes into a deep sleep whereas the MacBook sleeps and wakes as normal.

I have tried in no particular order.

SMC Reset
Changing sleep mode from normal to safe sleep and then back again when it didn't fix it.

I disabled sleep last night and left it on display sleep only and it wakes from that perfectly it just doesn't wake from deep sleep properly.

I would like it to go to sleep so it uses less electricity through the night but then be there all snappy ready to go when I wiggle the mouse when I next want to use it.

Any other ideas that might fix the issue? Anyone else suffering the same problem?


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Nov 12, 2007
Which iMac is this? My iMac 5k is waking up properly for me.

Also, did you try pressing the power button on the back to wake it up? There are issues with USB drivers where the mouse or keyboard might not respond upon sleeping. I wonder if you press the power button, it'd wake up instantly.
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