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    Ten Reasons for using ‘iPublish’ to promote your App:
    Do you know how to promote your app? Is it exhausting accessing all of those web addresses? Do you think promoting your app takes too much time? iPublish saves you all that time and effort.

    1. Convenience & Effectiveness
    iPublish automatically fills in the submission forms on review sites, based on the app information you supply. There is no more painful copy-paste work from text file to web browser. iPublish also automatically fills in the title and body of your forum announcement. In addition, iPublish integrates an e-mail template compositor that puts your mail campaign requesting reviews just a few taps away.

    2. Integrated Workflow
    Receiving a review from the app site or the thread posted in forums is not the end of app publishing; user feedback is a great asset to us. iPublish helps you to follow up the submission by searching your app in the app site and by bookmarking the review page after being reviewed. Later on, each app has its own media reviews.

    3. Publishing Data Maintenance
    App sites regularly update. This could mean changes to the submission-link, ensuring the email address does not expire and making adaptations when a forum starts using a new domain name. iPublish will be responsible for handling those changes. Maintenance of this kind of work is off your shoulders from now on.

    4. Embrace the Future
    Many app sites are born every day; iPublish will continue to include new and noteworthy sites to increase your chances of exposure. Besides, new publishing methods are planned for further integration into iPublish.

    5. Promo Code Management
    Promo code increases sales as long as we use it wisely. iPublish records each code use after each automatically completed submission or e-mail. So there is no more manual recording onto a spreadsheet.

    6. App Lookup Service
    Some app sites do not provide a submission service. They have their own selection criteria. iPublish enables you to search for your app and bookmark those sites’ app pages.

    7. Promotion Tips
    Besides the automation that iPublish can provide there are many other tactics to promote apps, such as video sharing and social networking. iPublish has assembled many tips that contribute to app publishing.

    8. Paid Promotion
    iPublish targets small budget and high efficiency publishing, however if the app has a big budget, iPublish lists many PR companies and AD positions on app sites Users can make contact with them with one tap.

    9. Time Saving
    As iPublish is on mobile devices, the user can employ waiting and traffic time to promote the app or respond to reviews.

    10. Unified Interface
    Fifty app sites could have fifty different app entrance locations for submissions; it could be an email address hidden in the ‘Contact’ page or a submission form in the ‘About’ page. As with the app forum, the user usually needs to figure out where to post the announcement first. iPublish screens the irrelevant information: it takes you straight to the publishing location.

    Your app should not fail to meet your expectations simply because a customer does not know it exists.
    iPublish is free at:

    Featured in Taiwan store, 4 featured already!
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    Jul 22, 2005
    Seems interesting. Is the data for the apps used for anything other than sending it to the reviewers etc.? Privacy could be a bit of an issue here, if it's a pre-release version of an app, so it would be good to know. Anyway, thanks for sharing it!

    There's a few bugs in there btw. Like the iAds actually cover parts of the UI, making it hard to use some screens. The back button is greyed out on the 'add app' screen too.

    Also, check your settings for the app, it's marked as 18 or over because it features:

    Frequent/Intense Realistic Violence
    Frequent/Intense Sexual Content or Nudity

    and so on!
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    Mar 13, 2011
    Some data about full version iPublish:

    70+ publish addresses
    20+ app search sites
    30+ promotion tips
    40+ paid promotion links
    Give it a try.
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    Mar 13, 2011
    Thanks for your feedback

    The app's information is safe. I will never gather the data. BTW the app data is quite public, name, url, video url you could find them in the store.

    iPublish for pre-release app promotion is not released yet.

    I will address iAd issue in my next update, the grey out button for the app creation is to prevent user accidentally abort the process. After all I have to keep IAP safe for user.

    About the rating, this app does not make any filter on Internet browsing, so this is Apple policy.

    Thanks for the feedback. Any further is welcome.
  5. psonice macrumors 6502a

    Jul 22, 2005
    Ah, the rating makes sense if you have a browser embedded and it's possible to escape out onto the net with it. Very few people <18 years will use this anyway :)

    Good to hear about the privacy. Actually I think it is possible to use this app with pre-release software. You can download unpublished apps from the app store, so long as the app is approved and you use a promo-code. I've done this before, and I'll do it again soon with a major app update. I don't want this update visible to the whole world until release day, and it would be good to have reviews published the same day so the publicity all comes together.
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    Mar 13, 2011
    I will consider you suggestion. Thank you.

    Promotion work might brings sales to existed app you made.

    iPublish is featured in UK store.

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