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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by AppleNewsTech, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Feb 28, 2012
    Hey everyone,

    I recently joined the iOS developer program only for the reason of trying out the betas, but I've recently become interested in actually developing apps for iOS. I figured with the upcoming launch of iOS 7, this would be a perfect time to start. I have a few ideas in mind, but I have no clue where to start. I've never had any experience with code or programming, but I am very good with technology (iPods, iPhones, iPads, Macs). I figured that maybe one of the thousands upon thousands of readers of MacRumors would stumble upon this post and help me get started? If you know of any websites, videos, tutorials, etc. to show me that would be a great help! Feel free to message me, too.

    Thanks :D:)
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    I would start by checking out the Guides and Stickies at the top of this very forum.

    Mod Note: I moved this thread to the iPhone/iPad Programming forum, where it is most appropriate.
  3. ArtOfWarfare macrumors G3


    Nov 26, 2007
    If you've never programmed before, there's no reason to specify iOS 7.

    Note that one of the things you agreed to when signing up to the betas is not discussing any of the SDKs / APIs / Features in general of the products prior to their public release. If you'd like to discus them, you can do so at (I think that's the URL... You can access them via for sure.)
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    I also recently joined the iOS developer program to try out the betas but have also become interested in actually having a go at learning code to create apps. Like you, I have no experience in coding but am great with technology.

    Maybe we could keep in touch and help each other out :D
  5. Duncan C macrumors 6502a

    Duncan C

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    I would say what ArtOfWarfare said in stronger terms. If you are just getting started, do NOT start with beta development tools and OS versions. Early betas are pretty painful. There are bugs, features that don't work as expected, the documentation is incomplete, etc, etc.

    Start with the latest released version of iOS and Xcode.

    You have multiple things to learn: The C and Objective C programming languages, the development tools, and the iOS frameworks. Of those 3, learning the iOS frameworks is the biggest task ahead of you.

    As a never-ever programmer, you might want start with the Big Nerd Ranch Objective C book. It teaches you programming using C and Objective-C, assuming no prior knowledge. The writing style is light and easy to follow.

    Once you do that, you'll need a good book on iOS development. Lots of them cover the development tools and the frameworks in one go.
  6. gglittle macrumors regular

    Oct 26, 2012
    What is your programming experience? Ever written any code?

    Having joined the iOS developer program, you now have Xcode available which you need for iOS development. Personally, I find Objective-C to be obtuse and confusing. I've written hundreds of thousands of lines of code in C/C++ and even assembly, and find the syntax used in Objective-C to be absurd, even objectionable.

    If you have experience with C#, you might want to check out, which will allow you to develop using C#.
  7. Duncan C macrumors 6502a

    Duncan C

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    Northern Virginia

    C is an ugly language syntactically, and so are all it's descendants (C++, Java, Objective C, PHP, etc.)

    Semantically, however, it's quite good, and you get used to the syntax eventually.

    I found Objective-C's method calling syntax odd at first, but after a while I actually started to like it. Having named parameters makes method calls more self-documenting. The square brackets are my main complaint, and I just got used to dealing with them.
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    Mar 2, 2013
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    Sep 11, 2011
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    For a novice iOS programmer, I would definitely recommend 'Teach yourself iOS 6 Application Development in 24 hours' by John Ray (published by Sams). It's in bite sized chunks and will help you get to grips with the development environment in a logical way (well, it works for my brain anyway!).

    Yes, I know it's iOS 6 and not 7, but you won't find any '7 books yet and there isn't any significant difference between versions of Xcode that I've yet noticed.
  11. adildacoolset macrumors 65816

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    This guy is experienced in other languages, so don't really pay attention to his complaints. To the newbie, you won't find much wrong in the syntax.
  12. xArtx macrumors 6502a

    Mar 30, 2012
    Are we allowed to mention fixes for iOS 7 in our app updates yet?
  13. ArtOfWarfare macrumors G3


    Nov 26, 2007
    I was going to crack an iTunes Connect being down joke, but it's actually back up now.*

    In any event, I'd say no. You can silently fix your app for iOS 7 now, but I wouldn't mention it until Apple says it's okay to begin submitting iOS 7 apps, and I'd say they won't allow the approval to go through until iOS 7 is released.

    *Edit: Was iTunes Connect ever down? The devcenter is still offline.
  14. xArtx macrumors 6502a

    Mar 30, 2012
    I don't think it's been down lately,
    I've been at it pretty often for the last week.
    The numbers were late one night.

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