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    May 15, 2018
    I recently set up an Amplifi router with teleport device (https://www.amplifi.com/teleport/) so that I can connect my Apple TV when working abroad to my home network for access to local TV and services. The issue with this is I can then no longer connect my homepod to the Apple TV as it is on a different network. I realise I could switch the homepod to the same network as the Apple TV but then I don't think I can have these devices appear in the home app in a separate home for integration with other devices such as hue lighting. Does that make sense and is there any way around the problem?

    In summary I want to have two separate homekit setups in different physical locations in different countries but still be able to access home TV and services by extending the home network connection through the Teleport wifi network.
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    Not sure if I'm following. I think this is what you said -- if not let me know.

    At home I assume your ATV and HomePod are on the same network - and should stay that way. You should be able to access your HomeKit devices thru the Home app - whether you on a 'foreign network' or connected using Teleport. Why would you want to place the HomePod on a different network - and you know it works with the ATV to determine who should be the hub and who should be standby.

    You can have two separate HomeKit setups - accessing your two 'homes' via the single Home app - you would need one single Apple ID on both. What goes on in the background between the HomeApp and your multiple locations should be transparent to you.

    You said - i can no longer connect the HomePod to the ATV. They don't connect - not as far I understand.

    BTW - How do you like Amplifi router - and the Teleport?
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    May 15, 2018
    The Apple TV and Homepod are both in the second (foreign) location. All the devices in the second location are connected to my main wifi connection except for the Apple TV which gets connected to the Teleport so I can watch "home" content. So the issue is when the Apple TV is connected to the Teleport then it's no longer possible to connect to the homepod. If I move the homepod to the teleport network then I can no longer control hue lights etc on the foreign network (not connected to the teleport). So essentially what I think I need is two home setups as you describe but the Apple TV being in the foreign home despite being connected to the home wifi network through the teleport. It's all very confusing, yes :)

    The teleport is very stable streaming HD content and much better than I was expecting. I'm getting a 16mbit upload from my home connection which is more than enough to stream HD content.

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