Dexshell Waterproof socks for running, trails, hiking etc.

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    For those who run, or are involved in other outdoor activities when raining and don't have waterproof shoes, consider purchasing a pair of Dexshell waterproof socks. I recently came across these on Amazon, while looking at Gaiters. I decided to get a pair. I have tested them while running pavement in pouring rain, as well as on muddy trails in rain. The socks are pricey ($29.90 USD) but they do a fabulous job, and are a lot cheaper than buying $150.00 + Gortex made shoes.

    I wanted to give a heads up to those who may not be aware (as I was until recently).

    The following two videos are (not mine) from YouTube, and showcase the socks keeping out the water in testing.

    The first video you can fast-forward to 4:00 minutes to see the test. The second video you can fast-forward to 6:26 to see the test.

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