diagnosing input/screen freezes (Intel GPU?)


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Jul 1, 2017
I've had a problem with my MBPro 2015 15" - intermittently it seems to freeze, then continue.

Initially I thought it was the input circuitry because the symptoms were that typing and pointer froze for a short few seconds, then everything continues.

Notably, keystrokes seem to be stored and not lost, they reappear very quickly after the freeze.

Apple have had several attempts to fix this and failed. I am giving up now because it is beyond the warranty and it takes me 3 hours to drive to the nearest official apple store.

They replaced the ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard (and maybe the trackpad?) saying it was a common failure in the MBP15 2015. It didn't help.

Recently I have seen discussions suggesting it isn't the input but rather the display itself that freezes giving the impression that input has stopped.

I started logging the console errors (filtered by errors and fault with the addition of the kernel keyword)

Attached are screenshots which correspond to the time these happen. They do look like Intel GPU issues.

What you experts here think?

More info - the problems have never happened on my many other MBPros or Airs. It happens in both mobile use as well as in clamshell (DisplayPort monitor, apple external kb and trackpad) too. It has occurred across several MacOS versions too.

I've googled the errors and can't find any useful references.