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    Both my wife and I have 64 gig 4s iPhones and at a recent visit to the Apple store for an issue, the tech noticed that my iPhone had no data stored. Not even the crash that occurred when he plugged it in to the laptop. He checked my wifes iPhone and she had a list a mile long and so did his iPhone. He said that they are mostly app crashes and tower transfer data, nothing unusual there. The tech did however think that is was thought it was unusual for my iPhone to not have any data stored but had no answers for it. I have been trying to solve issues with dropped calls, terrible call quality (even worse when talking to another iPhone), and echos in the earpiece or headset. We both had 3gs phones prior and the phone calls were great then. The Apple support guy is willing to send out a new phone if we cannot resolve the issues but, will I still have the same problems again? Is this just how the 4s phones sound? I do not know anyone else with a 4s iPhone to compare calls with. If so, I might auction off this phone and restart my 3gs because as of now the 4s is not an iPhone. It should be called and iDevice because the phone appears to be an afterthought. Anybody else have these issues or found solutions?
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    Mine is great but if your having issues and there offering a replacement I would swap it out, never know you might have a bad one. These are produced buy the thousands so a few bad ones get thru. Try a new one.

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