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Discussion in 'macOS' started by jon08, Jul 14, 2010.

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    I started experiencing this problem even before upgrading to 10.6.4 - it's just that whatever I look up in Dict, the Wiki extension won't load its "definition." The arrow is pointed downwards, yet it won't display anything. Any ideas how to fix it???:confused:

    Here's how it looks like:

    Ok, here's the weird thing: once I move Wiki up front (I currently had it in the last spot on my dict list), it will work.... But it will only work if I move it to the very front of the list (next to "All") in the dict bar!! And even then it won't display everything, but only like 1 page - it won't let you scroll down like you could on the actual Wikipedia site. Why? What's the point here really?

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    I have the same problem as well. I can't scroll down a wikipedia article on the dictionary app. I also found that the Wikipedia website is often really slow at loading pages. I think it has to do with their new website format, and I'm thinking it must have affected the integration with the Dictionary app.
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    The scrolling problem has been addressed here before. Use search to find the thread.
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