Did anyone else foolishly upgrade their hardware? (Apple Store)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ' r i S e n, May 29, 2011.

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    May 15, 2011
    It almost hurts me to type this, but I guess you have to start somewhere. I was a complete noob when I bought my MacBook Pro - it is my first Apple product and laptop in general. I stumbled upon my shipping papers earlier which got me thinking about when I purchased it and knew nothing about hardware. While I still consider myself a noob, I know way more now then I did back then, mostly thanks to these forums. : )

    Anyway, I noticed that I basically paid around $100 (if my calculations are correct) to go from a 5400 RPM 250GB Hard Drive on the low-end model to a 5400 RPM 500GB Hard Drive. Yeaaaahhh.

    Did anyone do this or anything similar (in terms of stupidity) regarding any parts or anything MacBook Pro related from any retail or site?
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    Live and learn. It is always cheaper to upp the ram and hdd yourself....and you get to keep the old components as well
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    Actually it's not always cheaper to do the upgrade yourself. At current prices, for most Macs, I would pay Apple to upgrade the first memory kit. It means you always have an Apple memory kit in the system which can be required for service.

    Also, as for the disk, it depends on the price, but truthfully not having to do the replacement in a Mini or laptop if you need the disk space is worth the couple of dollars. Also, it means you have the upgrades form day1. I wouldn't replace parts on a new system for a couple of weeks, and swapping a disk that is in use takes time.

    So if the original poster needed the disk space, I don't think it was that much money wasted. If he didn't, then it was a waste.
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    May 15, 2011
    Yes, a 500GB HDD is ideal for me. I intend on using it for quite a while (year+ or so) as 5400 RPM is fine for me now but after that, in the future, I will be upgrading to either a 500GB 7200 RPM or trying out a Hybrid Drive.

    My point is that I could have saved that money by having them send me a base model and purchased my own 5400 RPM 500GB Drive for about $40. Then I would have the same thing I have now plus about $60 and a 250GB HDD.

    See ... stupid, just like I said. : ) Live and learn, however, like post #2 said.

    Post your questionalbe purchasing experiences regarding MBPs everyone. ^^; Make me feel less inadequate!

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