Did Apple give me the wrong System DVDs?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by kgeier82, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Heres the deal:

    My install DVDs install OSX just fine with my UNI-MBP.

    Any bootcamp install, whether it be XP32, Vista64, Win7-64, I have issues installing drivers. Never are the chipset drivers installed from the DVD. The DVD is labeled 10.5.5 so I assume its gotta have chipset drivers on it. See image. This is a shot of "device manager"

    ANyways. When I install the 2.1 update from apples site, it also doesnt get rid of the picture issues. It also turns the little red light on inside my headphone jack.

    Im still trying to figure this hassle out. ?

    I found a link on this site for non-ati driver downloads using some 7z program to unzip. This install works, but after running, bootcamp is trashed, and none of the keys functions work. I have tried installing all files in that zip seperately.

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    I do not think Apple sent you in the incorrect DVD's, if they did, it would not install on your MBP because each system disk is for a specific computer. For example, you cannot use a MBP system disk with an iMac, it just won't work. It seems that Apple never updated the drivers once the new chipsets came out, which makes me wonder if the drivers are even on it. I do not have a unibody, so I'm not completely sure. Go to nVidia's site and look for the nForce drivers that fit your computer. I think it's nForce 7 or something (but look it up to be sure.) Install the nForce drivers after you install the bootcamp drivers and that should solve your problems.
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    The above is not entirely correct.

    Back in July of 2007, I bought a MacBook Pro that came with Tiger. Later, I bought an iMac that came with Leopard. I was bored one night and tried to upgrade the MacBook pro from Tiger to Leopard using the iMacs restore disks. It worked. The instal disk asked me if I wanted to UPGRADE Tiger to Leopard. I said yes and the upgrade continued. I went on using Leopard on the MacBook Pro and sold it that way on eBay last August.

    There are some systems though that will not allow this and some that will.

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