Did Apple just announce some iPhone 7 screen technology?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JulianL, Sep 10, 2015.

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    I noticed in the presentations yesterday that for the iPad Pro (during the video I think) they mentioned that a new first for their devices was that they were using variable refresh rate display technology where the refresh rate of the display is dynamically adjusted depending upon how fast moving the screen image is and that this helped to reduce power consumption, obviously something extremely important for the iPad Pro in order to keep thickness and weight down by avoiding the need for an absolutely humongous battery in it.

    I immediately started wondering whether it might be introduced into iPhone at some point. There have been rumours surfacing in the last few days about the iPhone 7 going down to something like 6mm thickness so Apple is going to have a real challenge maintaining battery life with such a significant loss of internal volume (loss of volume because I can't see Apple making the 7 taller and/or wider to compensate; if anything it's also going to get shorter and narrower due to rediuctions in bezel size).

    For my use the benefits of variable rate refresh could be large because most of my screen content is extremely static, looking up information and reading ebooks mostly, so this would be great for me.

    Details of the technology in the iPad Pro are now on Apple's web site (http://www.apple.com/ipad-pro/design/)...

    About 12 months minus a day away from the iPhone 7 but already this seems to me to be a very plausible feature to be quite excited about for those of us who want more battery life from our phone.
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    The answer is no but for u'r curiosity, check OGS display, Corning CONCORE Glass, JDI Pixel Eyes LCD modules

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