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Nov 26, 2016

I bought a "new" iPad Pro back in August full price at Apple and have realised it's not operating properly - it sometimes just shuts off in the middle of using it - either it goes into "sleep" mode or just shuts off all together. It also gets "stuck" when I click on "WIFI" in settings...sitting there for a minute before finally toggling onto the WIFI options screen. Assuming these were update issues, I have just been waiting to see if it improved after updates but it hasn't. The iPad has 128GB storage and is not even at half capacity.

Then, the other day I bought a keyboard which came with a screen protector and when I was putting it on, I noticed that there was already a protector on it! I thought I had imagined it or that perhaps that maybe the protectors I bought were stuck together so I kind of left it but I later checked the keyboard package to see it only came with ONE protector.

And now thinking about it, I'm now wondering if what I was sold was used or refurbished iPad. Is there any way I can tell or check if this was the case? Perhaps by the serial number or something? I'm really furious after paying so much money to have so many quirks happening with this so soon after owning it and of course, the fact that it had a screen protector on it really worries me!!

To anyone that can offer an advice, I'd really appreciate it!!!

Thank you!


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Jan 25, 2016
Was the box sealed when you bought it? Did the box have a picture of an iPad on the front? Did you remove the protective film on the iPad?


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Apr 24, 2016
You seem to have more than one issue. Many devices leave the factory with a plastic protection film layer over the screen. Sounds like you found the one on your iPad only after a while.
As to your comments that the device has half capacity- doesn't that just depend on what you put onto it?


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Oct 14, 2005
Apple seems to obscure the serial numbers. You used to be able to tell a refurb that way, but I don't think you can any more.

Apple refurbs come with brand new screens, so even if it was a refurb you shouldn't get one with someone's old screen protector.

Also, refurbs are packaged in generic boxes.

If you keep having problems, make a reservation at the Genius Bar and hsve them take a look!!
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