Did I get a decent "deal".

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    Jun 21, 2010
    I wanted to get an iPad wifi originally but managed to get a used iPad 3G with Verizon for $400. Great condition. Box and everything. It was even running 4.3.3 so I could jailbreak it. As far as I could tell it looked brand new. Even when I went to plug it into mac it acted like it was never activated. Everything looks and works perfect. However, when I went in to activate the data. The account has a past due bill of $400. I thought it was pay as you go with no subsidies. Any way. Long story short I will prob never be able to activate the data since it will prob never get paid. At least by me anyway. So what do u guys think. What should I do. Is $400 for 16gb black iPad 2 with gps no 3G a good buy? Should I try to resell it and just go through apple like I should have? Not even sure if I would use 3G much if at all. Should I just tether it to iPhone via pdanet through cydia. ???????

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    Nov 10, 2010
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    You should have gone through apple in the first place:rolleyes:

    They probably sold it to you to pay the bill off;)
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    Not sure how Verizon handles things, but with other companies/utilities *usually* the bill is the responsibility of the account holder, regardless of who has possession of the device used. I think I'd call them and see what they can do before writing this off as a bad deal.
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    Jun 1, 2011
    I'm guessing that the previous owner has an account with Verizon where they've run up the bill on their cell phone(s). I know, for example, that my Verizon wifi hotspot has an individual phone number but its monthly charges are included on my cell phone bill. That seems more likely than the previous owner running up such a high bill on the iPad's data plan, alone.

    As another poster suggested, I would get in touch with Verizon Wireless and explain the situation. If you're prepared to open an iPad data account on your own, they may be willing to separate the device from the charges that were incurred by the previous owner, especially if those charges were incurred on other devices, altogether.

    That would make sense from VZW's point of view. Obviously, they can't force you to pay for the charges incurred by a previous owner. And holding your iPad "hostage" to those charges doesn't make much sense if you're not willing to pay them. If they "separate" the iPad from the previous owner's account, on the other hand, they'll have a paying customer.
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    Yeh, cant you just get a Verizon micro Sim, take the old one out and pop in the new one or does Verizon lock the sim into the ipad???
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    If i was in your position, I'd get my money back. Verizon, to my knowledge, doesn't use sim cards in their ipad, so you're stuck with a wifi-only ipad. If the ipad had a clean esn, then it would be an awesome deal, since if you were to go to the store and buy an ipad 32GB Verizon, you'd spend $700+. But I'd definitely get my money back, I wouldn't want to be stuck with a bad esn ipad, especially since the seller no doubt knew about the bill.

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