Did I Get Swindled?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pellets007, Oct 22, 2011.

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    I bought an iPhone 4S using an upgrade swap. I upgraded Line 2's iPhone 3G (off contract) to use the 4S on Line 1 (which was an iPhone 4). Then we added a line from T-Moblie to create Line 3, now using Line 1's old iPhone 4. So our account looks like so:

    Line 1: iPhone 4S on contract until Feb 2012.
    Line 2: iPhone 3G on contract until 2013
    Line 3: iPhone 4 on contract until 2013.

    My question is, why is it that I got the contract on the third line? I essentially supplied my own equipment. I only bought one phone (the 4S) and they gave me two contracts.

    I went into the store and they said since I had a FAN (through the military) discount that the contract would automatically be added. There was no way around this. They said that since I provided my own equipment they would add a note to my account to let me upgrade or cancel my service at any point. But my account would still say I had the contract.

    Are they just saying this to lock me into another contract on the third line?
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    Never heard of that before. However, the simplest thing to do would be able to call into customer service and confirm that that note is in fact on your account.

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