Did I mess up my mom's iphone 6s during a battery replacement?

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    I tried to replace the battery of my mom's iPhone 6s. When I thought I was finished, the phone didn't boot up... I might have fumbled too much with the battery connector on the motherboard... Anyways, after, I made it even worse. I lost the metal plate that normally covers the battery connector. I was wondering if the phone could work without? Right now it doesn't boot at all, I'm thinking of buying the little metal plate if it's needed, but it would be stupid if I f****ed up the motherboard :) thanks

    I've been able to enter DFU mode but the display hasn't shown any life yet. During the procedure I've removed the display as well so maybe I didnt reconnect those parts well. I'll keep you guys updated about how the phone acts when I've restored it.
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    Don't know where you live, but at the link below it looks like you could have had the battery replaced for $70.

    https://www.batteriesplus.com/service/cell-phone-repair/apple/iphone-6s/iphone-6s?facets=Repair_Type:Battery Replacement

    Not a task to be attempted unless you know exactly how to do it and have all the tools. I would try a shop similar to the one above, telling them about the "lost metal plate" and see if they can help you. Whatever you do, it's going to cost money.

    Another option is to sell the phone (eBay, Swappa) for parts ONLY and then buy another iPhone 6S which seem to be going for around $125.
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    I’m not sure but it could be that little metal plate is forming an electrical connection with something, or it’s some kind of electrical interference shield. So unless someone can specifically help you fix your phone, I’d buy a new metal plate first before attempting anything else
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    The metal plate is just holding down the connector so it doesn't disconnect if you drop the phone.

    You will need a magnifying glass or if you have, a microscope and check the area around the battery connector on the board for damage. How did you disconnect the ribbon cables? Did you use metal tools like tweezers or plastic spudgers?

    Another issue you might have is you misplaced the screws for the metal plate holding down the display connectors.
    The two bottom screws should be the shortest ones, otherwise you longscrew the board which means you basically drill a hole into the board with the screw. It can cause bootlooping easily. If that's the case only a pro repair shop can revive the board by scraping up the tracks you cut with the screw and reconnecting them with micro-soldering.

    Inspect every ribbon cable from the display and battery, and every connector on the motherboard you fiddled with.

    I hope you get it sorted, good luck.
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    Did you plug it in then reboot?
    The phone has to be plug in after a battery replacement.

    Never mind. Sounds like you either something’s wasn’t connected or damage has incurred
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    Hi there,

    If the phone does not boot up, the first thing you want to do is to try and charge it for at least 15 minutes. If nothing happens, plug it into your computer and check if iTunes recognizes your device.

    If it does not detect it, this means there is totally no power coming from the battery. You may want to disconnect the battery connector and reconnect it back again. It should snap into place. If nothing happens, return your battery as it may be faulty.

    If it detects your device, this means your phone screen is blank. Check the phone screen cables by disconnecting them all and reconnect them all back to their ports. Make sure the cables snap into place. If iTunes detects your device but still the phone screen is blank, your phone screen maybe faulty.

    The metal shield is just that, a shield or a plate that holds the connectors in place. Your phone should work fine without those.
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    I guess I messed up the screen. iTunes does detect the phone when in DFU mode the screen stays blank. The phone does not vibrate when I connect it to power, I'd think this would work even with a faulty screen?

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    Yes the mute switch functions without a screen.

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