did I mess up the hard drive restore from Time Capsule?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by paulold, Jan 19, 2010.

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    Had a hard drive crash, bought a new hard drive, installed it and installed Snow Leopard and ran Software Update to update everything. MacBook Pro 2.0 Intel Core Duo. Decided to restore my mac by making use of the backup in my Time Capsule.

    Used the Migration Assistant, but in doing so it told me that the user account name on my new harddrive was the same as the account name in my Time Capsule. (Why would I change it?) But the migration assistant was telling me to change the name. So I changed it. It was only when I was clicking continue that I noticed I could have overwritten the user account on my new hard drive, but alas I kept going.

    So, after waiting awhile for the restoration, I started up my laptop and noticed nothing changed. Then I realized I had two user accounts - the one I created when I reinstalled my OSX and the one I restored under the new name. So I switched users and voila! everything was restored! Yay Apple!

    But I want to make sure I didn't screw things up. When I synced my iPhone with iTunes, everything worked fine but it said that my photos were no longer synced with my iPhoto library and would I like to resync them? I believe this was because it thought my iPhoto library had changed folders. But it didn't - the user account folder name was changed - I didn't move it.

    I said yes and had to wait till it reloaded all of my photos to my iPhone. Not a big deal and it did remember which photo albums I wanted and which I didn't, but it has me concerned that some of my other software might be affected in a similar manner. I suppose it wasn't that bad since it did everything fairly automatically - I didn't have to tell it where my photo library was - it just knew. All I had to do was click Yes and I was back in business.

    So am I ok or have I messed things up? Should I delete the other account since I'm not going to use it or might I lose something if I do so? I suppose it does no harm in leaving it there, right?

    Or should I redo the whole installation and restore, this time sticking with the same account name?


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    Why didn't you just restore your system from the time capsule? That would have prevented this issue. Why not try that now?
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    Well, I thought I would benefit from a clean install of Snow Leopard, so I pretended like I bought a new laptop and was simply migrating everything over to it from my Time Capsule. Is that so wrong? I also had some really weird things happen when my hard drive was crashing - my laptop remained partially functional for awhile - so I thought it best to start fresh, just in case some of those errors worked their way into my Time Capsule backup. I think I'm glad I did too, since I didn't get to choose the point in time that I wanted to restore my laptop to. If I had done as you suggest, would I have been able to go back to a restore point that was before 12/23/09?
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