Did I toataly botch the iPod deal?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by bob5820, Sep 6, 2006.

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    I ordered a Mac Pro last week with the educational discount. As I was checking out I was offered the free ipod nano deal. I already have a 5G iPod, but figured as long as its free. I was more concerned with getting the Mac Pro / 30" ACD order correct that I wasn't paying much attention to ordering the iPod.

    1st mistake - just ordered the cheapest one thinking it was 2GB (forgot about the 1 GB). Not really a big deal, like I said I already have a 30 GB iPod. Since the nano will be my work out iPod 1 GB should be enough.

    2nd mistake- I got it engraved. Again not a big deal if I keep it as my work out iPod, but got to thinking latter I could have sold it on E-bay or given it
    as as a gift.

    3rd mistake - the one that has me concerned. The promo ends Sept 16, and my Mac Pro is not scheduled to ship until the 28th. I know you have 30 days to send the UPC and recipt in, but when does Apple consider my buy date, the date I orderd or the date it ships.
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    No problem in terms of the 3rd issue. It's the date you bought it that counts.
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    Re Isue 2 - Ring them and try to cancel the engraving? At least then you can sell it if you want.
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    CALL THEM NOW and explain the situation. I remember when I ordered my powerbook way back when they had a double your ram for free offer and in making sure i get everything right I completely forgot about it. I calle dthem immediately and even though the pb had shipped already they still gave me deal. They just shipped it separately and had to install it myself and pay for shipping of the ram. What do you have to lose
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    from the FAQ

    I purchased a product that will not ship until after the promotion. Do I still qualify for the rebate?

    Yes, if you purchased or preordered the eligible product within the promotion period and on the same receipt. In the event that a qualifying product is ordered during the promotion dates and shipped after the end of the promotion, Apple will process these claims if they are postmarked within 30 days of the ship date.

    Looks like I'm OK

    As to cancelling the order, thats not possible I got the iPod yesterday, along with the 30" ACD, its just the Mac Pro that hasn't shipped.

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