Did my iPhone kill my iBook G4?!?!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Staceyjoyful, Sep 28, 2007.

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    Sep 27, 2007
    I got my first Mac an iBook G4 the day Tiger was released. I have always been very happy with it. Just over two weeks ago I made my second Apple purchase of an 8G iPhone. Everything went well with the set-up and initial sync.

    This past weekend I was traveling back from a business trip and I purchased two shows and a movie on iTunes to watch during the flight on my iPhone. The download took longer than expected so I had to stop it and turn off my computer. I did not sync my iPhone.

    A few hours later on my layover in ATL I pulled out my laptop again. As it was starting up I plugged in my iPhone and the trouble began. The phone wanted to sync photos I had taken but not wanting to I stopped iPhoto from starting up. Than iTunes was started up in an effort to complete download. I went to stop this by turning off my AirPort Extreme. Once I did this my computer went dead. Thinking the battery was died I plugged into a power source and restarted the computer (without the iPhone attached). This time my computer booted and than started flashing colored screens. I looked up the problem online on my iPhone and thought it might be the PRAM. I tried resetting it, and it looked like it worked as my wallpaper screen was back and the few documents I had saved to my desktop appeared as well. My first move was to click on iPhoto as like an idiot I had not backed up my pictures or music. This move killed my computer and it has not worked since. It will not boot and the light on the front does not illuminate showing it is on. Occasionally the fan will start to run. I did try putting in a CD that came with the computer regarding diagnostic (?) and you can hear it spin but it never boots. It now will not eject either.

    I've started to become OK with the fact that I might have to purchase a new computer but loosing my Photos and Music is a bit much. From what I have explained do you think there is any hope in recovering this info or is it a hard drive issue?

    I have an appointment at the Mac Store this evening but don't know what to expect. Any advice or ideas are welcomed. After reading a few of these posts I realize how little I know about my computer and would truly be grateful for any advice.

    Thanks for your time.
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    You can eject the CD by holding the mouse button down when it starts.

    In order to actually boot from the diagnostics CD, you will have to hold down C on the keyboard when it boots. If you can get it to boot that, you may be able to perform a archive and install. That will reinstall Mac OS and leave your photos and stuff intact.

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