did not migrate my iTunes and aperture ????

Discussion in 'macOS' started by terrymaz, Jul 3, 2012.

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    Yesterday i received my new Mac Book. I used the migration from my time Capsule to move everything from my other macbook to this one. It seems like it pulled over the apps and programs themselves but not the meat. It did not pull my aperture library and my songs from iTunes over. It also did not pull over my docs etc. Am i missing something? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I am running Lion btw. Terry
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    It should have worked. At this point I would be worried that the backup on Time Capsule is corrupt or incomplete for some reason, meaning you don't really have one. I would connect the two Macs together directly using Ethernet/Firewire/whatever and use Migration Assistant to copy from the old to the new. Then figure out what's up with the backups.
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    There are 4 major categories when selecting what will be migrated: Users, Applications, Settings, Other files and folders. If Users did not have a checkmark but instead was marked with a -, some folders may have been excluded from being migrated. Its also possible that your ~/Documents, ~/Music and ~/Pictures folders were excluded from the backup entirely in the Time Machine preferences of the previous system to reduce the footprint of the backups.

    Another possibility I just thought of. If you did not migrate during Setup Assistant, you may have all your data in another user account. Check Users & Groups preferences, do you have several accounts? If so, all you may need to do is log out from the :apple: menu and log into the migrated account.

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