Did the apple store change?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by aarongrooveremt, Mar 12, 2015.

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    Feb 7, 2014
    So i recently had a visit to the apple store for my iPad for an antenna issue and also my iPhone. My iPad had a huge gape between the antenna and glass and iPhone had a mis aligned rear camera. Now when i showed him the iPad i got the "wow, that is really noticable" and he goes to the manager and shows him and gets it confirmed. He comes back and tells me that he knows and verified there is an issue there but they can not replace it... I asked why because he says he does not see the need to. Now im not being picky or anything i just wanted to make sure no issues would happen along down the road. I never asked to replace just wondered if it would be ok. Not everyone that goes into that place wants a replacement phone/ipad/macbook. After that he laid it down sliding it all across the table and i could hear the dirt just grinding into the rear of the iPad. Then he hands it back to me filled with finger prints, did not even offer to wipe it off. I had to ask for a cloth to clean up his mess. Customer service there for a 600 dollar iPad. Now with the iPhone, he rips it out of my case and does the same thing with my iPhone. He states that they cant replace it but will fix the camera. I also had an issue with the ear speaker as well, but he completely disreguard the fact of it. I had to wait an hour and half for something he said he could fix in 30 minutes. While waiting i seen all these customers come in with issues with they're phones and iPads and some of those "genius" treat people like they are complete stupid. Like this one guy that came in said he had a problem with his email and wifi not connecting. Said he called att and they said it probably is an apple problem when he told her that she said 'ha ha it probably isn't a apple problem, do you know how to use your email? let me tell you this if she said that to me i would have lost my mind. Other customers come in and they basically get treated like they do not know anything. Well after waiting for an hour and a half i ask the dude if my phone was finished and he got the response of "oh yeah let me go get it, its been done". You mean you made me wait so you could sit at the counter and have a pow wow with your employees. I do not know what happened these days but the lack of respect for customers has went out the window. Maybe its just this store i dunno. I know there will be some apple fan boys sticking up for them. But this has to be put out there.
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    Apple is not perfect. I've been to some Apple stores that were less than stellar. I remember going to one in Los Angeles and they were pretty rude to everyone. At home in NYC, I always go to the main Apple store on 5 avenue cause that's a huge tourist spot. Apple stores in tourist spots are pretty much the best and friendliest ones.
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    Feb 7, 2014
    Yeah the store in NYC is fantastic. Never had an issue there.
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    Complain to the manager and you will eventually get what you want as long as your unit is still under warranty. Be calm and collected when speaking to the manager, do not get angry, and they will usually be on your side. This was my experience when Apple refused to replace a defective charger under warranty for me.

    A lot of the "geniuses" really are morons but most of the time the higher ups do care about customer service. Also when I complained to the manager I was asked which "genius" I was talking to so I can only guess they got reprimanded for being **** at their job.
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    My Apple Store is fantastic if I'm honest.

    My 6plus had a dead pixel which happened on day 15 I couldn't get an appointment till day 17 so outside the 14 day period. I went in and the guy said well that's not what we expect. He grabbed a brand new phone not a white box referb. I had a refund issued to a gift card and a purchase put through.

    Honestly I'd have been happy with a referb and told the guy just that and he said no mate I'm not happy you got what you paid for.
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    Aug 22, 2014
    Ok..don't cringe..

    Don't paint with a broad brush because of one bad apple..
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    Jul 25, 2012
    S.E. Mich
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    There are three mall stores near me and I have had great experiences at all of them. Now as a disclaimer I own 6 Macs, including a Mac Pro and about have half a dozen iPads and even more iPhones for my company. It usually comes out pretty quick in conversation, so maybe they are just making me happy. That being said, I have never heard of anyone in this area (Metro Detroit) having your issue.

    I recommend trying another store nearby and asking to talk to the manager. In my experience, most Apple employees are eager to help.
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    May 13, 2013
    One employee's actions =/ the store you were at.

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