Did time machine screw my HD up?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by hook 'em, Aug 23, 2009.

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    So I have a mid2009 13MBP, the "cheapest" one you can get with the like 160 HD. I transferred everything off my iMac to this computer and I only had like 10gb left. I did time machine on a external hd and transferred it to the new drive. I changed the hard drive myself (seemed pretty straight forward, I watched a video on how to do it and my brother who changed his said that was right) with a 500gb seagate momentus.

    Now, the computer is slower on start up (which I guess is just bc it's bigger and takes more to start up), but everything freezes almost twice a day, can't force quit and i end up having to turn it off with the power button. And every once in a while when it starts up, the apple on the white screen turns into a circle with a line through it, like a no smoking sign and i have to turn it off and back on to work.

    So those are my problems.. Any idea whats wrong? My brother (who is very good with computers) said time machine probably f'd it up. Should I clear my HD and start over fresh by transferring by firewire from my old computer to this one?
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    It's unlikely Time Machine messed anything up. It's much more likely that your new internal HD was a lemon to begin with. If you want to try it over again, a much better way than using time machine is to make a complete clone of your old internal HD to the new one. You can do this easily with Disk Utility by going to the "restore" tab.
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    Sounds like you updated the EFI firmware to 1.7, that seems to cause a lot of problems with different HDDs.
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