Did you hear the one about being beaten with a 1Ds body?

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Jan 17, 2003
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Well, this was just interesting. Photo journalist David Honl was attacked during a demonstration in Turkey recently and beaten with his 1D body. It's interesting to hear how it (and he) made it through - http://lexardigital.typepad.com/davidhonl/2006/05/choosing_pro_or.html For his backup body - a 30D - the story was one of demise. I get the feeling this gent has some interesting stories to tell around a dinner table.

Aside from the interesting weblog write-up on this, I checked out Mr. Honl's photo site: http://www.davidhonlphoto.com/ If you have some time look through the galleries there - stunning images. One comes up automatically - I advanced through these and was really held by the images.
New Meaning to the phrase...

Takes a licking, keeps on ticking! Now that is a serious piece of photgraphic hardware. I can't believe he got the CF card, that's incredible.

- Note to self: never attempt to beat journalist with own camera, it will only frustrate you & won't even damage the camera.