Did You Turn Off The Parallax?

Did you disable the parallax?

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Jun 8, 2007

I never had an iOS 7-cabable device but whenever I see the parallax on someone else's device, I find it extremely pleasing. It not only looks nice, it feels nice. There's depth to it and to me, it's more than just a gimmick.

The opposite of flat? Maybe.

Included as an option to offset the concerns of people who found iOS 7 too flat? That's a wild guess.

Technically it may be completely unnecessary, and I don't know whether it's a USP, but parallax was probably #3 on the shortlist of things that were long term attractors towards my first ever spend of a significant chunk of disposable income on a lovely chunk of Apple hardware.

Numbers #1 and #2 were CalDAV and CardDAV.


(Off-topic: as things turned out, my plans to purchase an iPhone – probably 5.x hardware at the time – were wiped out by the detraction of Yosemite. I continue to enjoy a refurbished first generation iPhone … I am, unapologetically, one of those people who makes things last, who expects things to last, who does not rush to purchase a novelty simply because it's novel.)


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Mar 11, 2013
Old thread yes, but I haven't used it in so long that I forgot it was there. I thought I try it out on my iPhone 6.

I assumed that with the M8 and the more powerful A8 chip the parallax would be nice and smooth, I still don't get the feature. The icon and wallpaper moment is still not a smooth 60 FPS and it's jittery, even when moved slowly. I just don't understand the feature. It seems to work better on an iPad than an iPhone.


Also, tilting the phone left to right barely has any effect, while tiling it up and down has an overdramatic effect.


If it worked like the original iOS 7 video demonstrated, but it just doesn't.