Didnt setup standard user to begin with.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by siorai, Jan 25, 2008.

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    A little over a week ago I picked up my new Mac Pro. So far I am absolutely loving it. Even with all the "teething" problems of switching over from a Windows box. When I first set it up, I only made the one user account. I've spent the week setting everything up the way I like it. Now through reading on the forums here, I see that it's a prefered practice to have your root account only to install and modify the system and then have a standard account for general use.

    Is it really that necessary? I am the only one to use this computer and I have no worries about anyone else getting on it and changing anything. Plus part of my hesitation in setting up a standard user is the headache of getting all the settings to my liking yet again. Also when I did set up the other account, I can't access the extra drives in my system. :confused: So should I just bite the bullet and go through the headache of setting everything up again or am I fine just using the root account since I'm the only one who uses my system anyways?
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    Technically, your admin account is not root. That's why you still have to authenticate. There is no issue with not creating a "standard" (non-admin) user.
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    I've never done the dual account thing. Leave it be and don't worry.
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    If you really want to use a Standard account without setting up everything again, you can create a second account (Named "admin" or something) and set it as an administrator (under Accounts click the "Allow this user to administer this computer" check box). Once you have a second Admin account set up, you can UNcheck that box for your account.

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