Didn't someone post about Verizon "loyalty" minutes?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sundog925, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Dec 19, 2011
    Well somehow in the past month (wallet was stolen, 2 funerals) i went over my monthly 450 minutes with Verizon. I called to extend the minutes twice and this last time, the rep couldn't do it because he said he didn't want to risk me losing my data. So, he apologized and said he gave me 100 extra minutes for the month so I don't go over until I get home to change it myself. Upon changing it myself right now, i noticed a new "promotion" letter in my documents and checking it out, it said "Loyalty 100 Bonus Mins X 12 Mo" Start 7-2014, end 7-2015.

    I remember a MR user posting about this on another thread but couldn't find it.
    I'm wondering if its in effect until my contract over or just for the month? Im thinking the duration of the contract.

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    I believe the recent posts about other promotions were about getting 1 GB of shared data for 1 year, as well as another one about getting $10/month off for 1 year extending your contract by 1 year.

    Seems like there is a similar minutes promotion, like the one you got. Based on the details you posted it looks like it's 100 minutes per month for 1 year (12 months), so until July of 2015 in your case.

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