Difference between iCloud sync and backup

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    I have an iPad and an iPhone, and a PC with Microsoft Outlook and I sync between all 3. my question is regarding sync and iCloud backup. If I remove a contact from my iPad it is removed from my iPhone too. But with iCloud backup is is automatically deleted from the backup, or is it still backed up even after deleting a contact from one of my devices?
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    Mar 3, 2008
    I use a Mac but I would imagine it would be the same for any iCloud customer. If I delete a contact, it is gone from all 4 places: my iPhone, my iPad, my Mac and iCloud's web interface. That's why I back up my data by exporting contacts from my Mac address book. I'm sure Outlook supports such a thing, assuming you have iCloud contacts showing up in Outlook.

    On the topic of iCloud backup, it is quite good. I upgraded from an iPad 1 to an iPad mini. I logged in to iCloud and told it to restore the backup from my iPad 1. Within a short time, I had all my contacts, photos, apps and all the data belonging to those apps on my iPad mini and I felt confident enough that everything came over I wiped my iPad 1 and passed it on to my son.

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