Difference between iPhone Upgrade Program and no commitment device?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by likegadgets, Sep 15, 2015.

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    Any one knows a definitive answer to the following?

    What is the difference in device and unlock status between buying an ATT iPhone from Apple for delivery at full price no commitment and buying one reserved at an Apple store on 9/25?

    According the iPhone upgrade program website it states among other things that the device is:
    • Unlocked — choose your carrier

    Apple tells me that at the point of buying in the store, you must choose a carrier and ACTIVATE it with that carrier, and then the phone is attached (locked?) to that carrier. What if I want to change carriers in month 2 or 3? Or use internationally? They have no clue as of now.

    Also - what if I want to own my device. Can't I just pay Apple the full price rather than installments?
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    It's the
    It's the same exact phone whether you pay full price or finance on the Upgrade program. They require that you activate the phone at the time of purchase in the store on the Upgrade plan with one the 4 carriers, but that doesn't lock the device to that carrier. Once you walk out the store you can pop in another compatible SIM.

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