Difference between RemoteDesktop & Leopard Server

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by AlexMaximus, May 25, 2010.

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    Hello dear friends,

    I just got my brand new MacBook Pro to replace my good old PowerMac G4. Since this G4 is pretty good pimped up, I would like to use it now as Server.

    Screen sharing and some home networking works great already, however I want to set it up as a real deal server.

    The goal: There are tons of important files on the G4 and I need to get to some files when I am on the road or in a foreign country via the web. For example: I would love to get access to my G4 from a hotel somewhere in China.

    To do this there are obviously more options:

    1. Get a Leopard Server license for the G4 and set it up the "traditional way" and/or even using a kind of web /data hosting service.

    2. Buy Apple's Remote Desktop Software 3.0 and use the features they offer

    3. Don't buy anything and use the features somehow hidden in standard leopard...

    What would be your choice and why.. ??
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    Depends on what exactly you need to do. If all you want is remote access to the machine, then OS X Server is overkill. You could just use .Mac/Back To My Mac or ShareTool. If you need to setup a VPN host you could use iVPN.
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    You can easily do that with TeamViewer, which is free.

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