difference between thunderbolt 1 and 2 cable

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    is there a functional difference? I am reading mixed things online, that there is no difference, and that thunderbolt 2 is in the end device and host. Some cables are being sold as 4k ready. they look physically the same, so I am a little confused.

    will I get the same speed or performance with a thunderbolt 1 or first gen cable connected to a thunderbolt 2 mac and thunderbolt 2 device?
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    Everything I've read states the cables are the same between Thunderbolt 1 & 2.
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    I'm not stating this as fact so someone is more than welcome to correct me.

    I know that HDMI cables vary in quality, so even though it's a digital signal you can get what are known as 'sparkles' on your display when using a poor quality one. Likewise the lower quality HDMI cables have trouble when running over longer distances.

    I wonder if Thunderbolt cables might encounter similar problems? It would make common sense to me if they are manufactured to a low quality using cheaper materials and/or workmanship their performance might suffer.
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