Differences amongst LG Panels from 2011 MBA to 2013 MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by tbolt11, Jul 22, 2013.

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    Jun 20, 2013
    Disclaimer: This isn't a samsung vs lg display thread, so everyone take a breath.

    In 2011 I purchased a mba 13" and have been using it with 0 issues ever since. Last month the haswell airs get released and I want to upgrade so I start doing some research and figure out what model to get. I land on getting the fully loaded i7/8gb/512gb and order it last week.

    Unfortunately I made the mistake of coming here (macrumors) and reading everyones nuanced arguements against lg and samsung displays, etc... Which frankly, I think my 2011 LG display looks fine, so I was expecting same quality or better.

    Now I have been putting my 2011 air up next to the new 2013 air and while they are both LG panels, it seems my older one is brighter and overall better looking(i say it seems that way because im not an expert, but I do design work and want decent color accuracy). The whites are much whiter and clearer on the 2011 and overall it just seems brighter. As well, the new 2013 is certainly more reflective (which sucks but ill get over it). I have tried using the CustomMacRumors.icc color profile on both and while it makes a nice difference the displays are clearly still different.

    Anyone else have similar experience? What I am wondering is maybe there is a display "warm-up" period? That maybe the 2013 display will get brighter? That seems a bit far-fetched.

    I suppose ill just exchange it and hope for a better one?
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    Jun 20, 2013
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    May 22, 2011
    I guess not too many ppl have have both a 2013 and a 2011/12 MBA versions to check for you.

    I would recommend making a visit to Apple Store...check the brightness on the 2013 Air's they have on display and see how yours stacks up against those.

    That should clear up all the confusions and you can always ask the genius that you plan to return it as the brightness isnt the same.

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