Different keyboard shortcut profiles for MBP?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by rogersmj, Oct 22, 2007.

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    I just purchased one of the new Al keyboards to use with my MBP at work (I have one with my Al iMac at home and love it). However, one thing I don't love is how they reconfigured all the shortcut keys. One thing I use constantly, for example, is F11 to expose the desktop. With the new keyboards, I typically reassign this to F5 so I can still use the volume control (F10-F12).

    The problems arises when I'm mobile and don't have the new keyboard connected. Since I reassigned F5 to desktop expose, F11 no longer works. But F5 is Volume Up on the MBP's keyboard, and I prefer not to have to use the function key to show the desktop when the F11 key is sitting there doing nothing.

    I guess what I'm asking is, can I either a) get something that will adjust the shortcut profiles depending on whether or not the new keyboard is present, or b) assign both F5 and F11 to expose the desktop?
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    Dec 26, 2007
    yea i realize this is an old thread, but has anybody found a solution to this? When I want to use the F keys as they're mapped out on my alu. external, I have to change their function in system preferences, which then screws up their intended function when not using the external (aka just using my macbook keyboard)
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    I have often wondered why they have done this too. It is almost like changing switching a few of the letters from the alphabet on my keyboard and saying "hey get used to this." I was so used to popping f11 f12 to exopse the desktop and to get to my dashboard. Those still work for me. The thing that gets me is the f9 on my mbp, dims the keyboard. However, on my ibook/powerbook both 12" , it exposed all of my windows. So now I have to hit fn f9. I have to constantly think about it before I do it before I uh do it. Ha. Esp. if I have been going back and forth between the macs all day. As far as the hot corners go, that method is just a little to touchy for me. I have it set for my screen saver to come on and I constantly turn that on all the time. So mrogers, I feel your pain. Its honestly why I havent purchased one of the "new" wireless keyboards, because my old one doesn't have things assigned to them on the buttons.

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