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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Chef Medeski, Jan 11, 2006.

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    Heres my situation. I decided to teach my grandmother Mac. However, her english while not bad, is too slow to actually be able to benifit from anything over a 200 MHz processor. So, I looked into International Preferences. I thought hell if I could switch the language to Farsi, which she can read fast; maybe then she could actually use my Powerbook to its full capacity. Well, I put it first on the list. Logged out. Nothing. Tried it again. Nothing. Then, I said maybe there just isn't Farsi support, I put it into Dansk, and nothing. THe only thing I could get to even utilize Farsi was the keyboard. I was able to easily set it up to default to Farsi with a key command to switch to English. But, is there anyway I can get her account, seperate from my own, to display Farsi? Do I just need to restart the computer? DO I HAVE TO REINSTALL OS X? If someone could let me know. That would be great. Thanks.
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    It sounds as though you, as so many others, have wiped out various languages as a space-saving measure. You should be able to do a custom installation to add the language support.

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