Different power outlets affect iPad charging speed?

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    Does anyone know if the outlet my 10w ipad charger is plugged into might affect the speed at which I charge my new iPad?

    I don't know if I'm imagining things but I recently noticed that my new iPad seems to charge much more quickly from the outlet next to my couch vs outlet next to my dad. Is this possible? Same charger, same cord, nothing else substantial plugged into the other receptacle on the outlet (just a small lamp).

    Does anyone know if plugging your charger into one outlet versus another or a power strip would affect the speed at which your iPad chargers?

    I had assumed that the amount of electricity coming out of any outlet or power strip well exceeded what your iPad needed so there wouldn't be a problem – but now I'm wondering if there's some strange walt vs amps electricity thing going on that I've never understood.
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    Unlikely, unless you have wiring issues or a lot of extension cables running from one socket, there should be no difference at all. It's only 10W after all.
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    The output of the iPad chargers is 10W regardless of input. There is no difference between outlets.
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    These answers are correct. Should not vary on the same outlet system Although frayed wires and old , rodent chewed insulation behind an outlet face plate is going to serve less power at the source. The iPad regulates itself but things might slow down if your wiring is defective. Meaning frayed or rodent chewed , dried out and missing insulation...electricity is transferred best when tightly insulated.

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