Different Scissor Mechanisms on Keyboards???


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Apr 20, 2016
I am trying to replace just the keycaps on my MacBook Air so I can type in Thai and since I bought my Mac in the US, I couldn't buy it with the keyboard I wanted (???). So I bought a replacement Thailand keyboard and removed keys from it. I removed the key on my MacBook Air and for some reason I couldn't get the key to snap into place, then I noticed the scissor mechanism is really different!! The bottom hooks in the computer are too thick to use the scissor mechanism that came with new keyboard so I needed to put the old one back on. The two upper clips fit on both mechanisms. The back of the key is also different. In the pictures, the mechanism is above the key that it is compatible with. The Mac stores tell me it's $400 to replace my keyboard :(. Any ideas?


I also tried a keyboard cover but it feels strange and can't type at night.

IMG_1443.JPG IMG_1445.JPG IMG_1446.JPG
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