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Feb 16, 2009
I waltzed into WalMart at 2 in the afternoon and walked out with a brand-spankin'-new iPad.
I thought these were going to be impossible to find if you didn't preorder or fight the midnight lines.


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Aug 1, 2010
The new iPad has been cranking off assembly lines since before the new year (according to rumors). It's pretty obvious that Apple made more of these things than they have at past iPad launches, AND they offered a pre-order this time. I think people are wising up and realizing that it's way better to preorder and have the new gadget on launch day without having to sit on a sidewalk all night in the cold. AND when you camp for one, there's not even a guarantee that you will get one.


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Jun 20, 2008
Bay Area
My two Best Buys on Saturday (day after release) were nearly out of stock, just a handful, often 64gb versions or Verizon/AT&T that not many were looking for. They searched their system for the model I wanted. The next store that had it was in Arizona, I'm in California. I was there there night before and they did have the model I wanted, 4 of them 2 hours before closing.

Called my local Apple store, they were overflowing with them, no model was out of stock. Asked if they had a 32gb White Wifi anyway, which they responded they don't keep full track of it all, but they would be shocked if they didn't have what I wanted.Place was packed, but a ton of employees to go around. Only waited at minute for service.

Much better than the experience at Best Buy, not that it was bad there, but a whole other level at Apple. An employee almost becomes your personal assistant, demonstrating products and answering questions no matter how long it takes. Also ended up with AppleCare+ for accidental protection and an AppleTV for mirroring. The only sour thing was seeing that Apple bag with the thick ropes, as I couldn't stop picturing losing a finger like that poor guy who had a thief rip it from his hands.

Never checked Walmart. There's also some Best Buy Mobile stores around these days, like at malls, but not sure if they carry regular wifi versions.


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Jun 7, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
I got mine late Saturday in manhattan at the upper west side apple store and the specialist said they had plenty of every model
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