Difficulty Tracking/overlay blood effect, AE

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by shadowknight123, Aug 12, 2009.

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Hello, I've been working on a short film for quite some time now over the past month doing a lot of editing and now I'm getting down to the After Effects part. Did all my color correcting, now I'm stuck at the end of the movie >-||

    This scene has a boy laying on the ground up against a wall, were in a dark sewer and our only light is via "Flash lights" gives it a VERY nice touch for the style we envisioned and it came out perfect, but not so perfect when were trying to matte blood beneath his right arm to his side/near his head.

    The camera does the following
    Runs to the guys as they found his dead brother go around them bring the camera into focus to see his brother laying there lifeless, I beg to get in closer but the footage is shaky (as the effect we want) It sticks at the part were the blood needs to be for about 3-4 seconds then shifts over his body to his other arm where there is a gun laying there, then shifts back to the blood and his brother puts his arm up to cover the lens and that’s the take.

    We can "live" without the blood effect but the Director wants me to try my hardest to get it in there and make it look real. I’m using Blood splatter 02 from action movie essentials with an overlay, looks very realistic did some color correcting made it a little darker and it blends into the cement perfectly.

    1st try: I stabilized the motion where the blood will be visible, however there is nothing "really" to track except this mini DV tape on his chest, which works but it does get cut off a few times. I stabilized it first with rotation/position and the footage would turn a whole 180 and then back a few times... obviously not correct.

    2nd try: I then re tracked it and went frame by frame made sure it stuck on the mini DV as best as it could and when the dv was out of view id move a few frames without tracking then when it came into view when I needed it I began retracking. It worked somewhat ok, so I layed the blood down didn’t even worry about masking it out so it would look like its going from under his head – visible – under his arm -> near his chest ect.

    But as this is shaky footage not EXTREMLY SHAKY just moves somewhat a lot the blood looks like it’s been just slapped on there it kind of holds its ground but you can tell it’s a fake. So I tried going frame by frame with just the blood still tracked to the main footage and it kind of works but during some of the “moving” frames u can tell it almost slides with the footage >_<

    I will post the clip if needed but I’m hopping this description can give enough info. Any help would be greatly appreciated I really would like to get this skill under my belt on how to do this, because it’s a great skill to have being able to do all the matte stuff... Simply amazing.
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    would have to see it... things like this are hard to accurately explain on a forum.
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    Aug 5, 2009
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    your on the right track. without a solid point to track frame by frame is all you can do really. have you tried using a 3D Camera so that you can play with some angles? sometimes it helps. welcome to SFX ;)
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    Aug 5, 2009
    3d camera? How do you intergrate that into a video footage??? Never really tried much.

    And the video looks ok just a bummer alot of it is blurred, the blood is pretty stationary but when the camera gets to dark u can slightly see it bounce :( so its blurry but u know omg... i can see blood near his body! :eek:

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