Digg for iOS Updated with 'Popular' Section for Feeds, Support for Readability

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    News aggregator Digg has launched an update to its iOS app, bringing new features such as a "Popular" section that sorts feeds by popularity, as well as a setting to see only unread items in feed views. The update also adds integration with article formatting service Readability, as well as the ability to delete feeds and folders directly from the app.

    From Digg's official blog:
    The website launched its RSS reader service in June, and its iOS app currently holds a four-star rating across all versions. Digg is a free download in the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Digg for iOS Updated with 'Popular' Section for Feeds, Support for Readability
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    People still read Digg? I thought Reddit came in and sole their thunder a few years ago.
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    You can make the app as nice as you want, but if nobody is using the service..... it doesn't do any good. Digg really shot itself in the foot with.. what was it, 4.0? Back like 3 years ago.
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    Digg completely died, was sold off and resurrected by someone else. Now they are trying to thunder back. Looks like they are making a good effort.
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    go compare the front pages of digg and reddit, totally different. digg just gives you a just a few links to what's important on the net right now, not up for voting or anything. I often find things there that is awesome but buried by stupid stuff on reddit.


    I use it. check it out, it has redeemed itself in a lot of ways. It offers a list of links that isn't full of crap like what reddit has become.
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    I use Digg everyday, its great. Find many interesting articles on it.
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    does it

    does it do more than just the DIGG feed?
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  11. Parasprite, Aug 16, 2013
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    Digg used to be very much like reddit in that it was user submitted links that you can vote and comment on, except being more restrictive in what you could post (via an default, unchangeable set of boards). They were always very comparable in the basic idea of their sites but the update a few years back not only removed the ability to comment on posts, but was massively buggy and crashed often. Digg is completely different now and is probably more comparable to Pinterest*. That being said...

    This is the best Digg iOS App update ever!

    *Disclaimer: I have never used Pinterest

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