DigiPro WP8060 Tablet Driver/Snow Leopard Help

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by michael.lauden, Dec 3, 2010.

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    Dec 25, 2008
    Hey everyone. Been some time since I posted here on MR,

    anyways - I have had a super cheap DigiPro WP8060 tablet. Was super cheap when i bought it, and is even cheaper now. Herein lies the problem.

    When I bought it, it came with a CD with the PenTabletDriver version 1.24. I couldn't even get that version to work with Leopard some time ago when I bought it, but there was a bunch of information about it online, and I was able to download version 1.25 - which worked 'seamlessly' with Leopard and Snow Leopard

    I dug it out of my old closet and went to find the driver. The company that 'supports' it is called UC Logic. On their site they have one driver that is supposed to 'cover' all their tablets. If you search online, you find information on how to find the drivers - but UC logic reorganized their site, and you get 404 errors.

    The version UC Logic has is 1.26, and it does NOT work on my MacBook running Snow Leopard. If you put the pen on the tablet the green light goes on and the mouse cursor immediately shifts to the bottom of the screen, when you push down the pen it works as the Y-axis, and goes towards the right of the screen with increased pressure (but will not go left).

    This is functioning EXACTLY the same as it did before the driver install.

    Can anyone help? What can I do to get drawing on dis bad boy.

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    Dec 25, 2008

    I forgot to mention that version 1.25 did work for me on Snow Leopard, it's just that i'm not able to find a download

    Version 1.26 DOES work on Leopard, I just tested on my girlfriend's 13" MPB 2.26GHz.

    So, using our superior intellect, and basic logic skills: it's the driver.

    I still need help though.

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