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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by KooBrewoP, Dec 6, 2009.

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    Hi, i am going to a uk uni next september and am having difficulty finding the course i have in mind. I wanted a hard core art degree, using a digital medium. The problem is that deviating from standard fine art degrees by trying to include this digital element seems to morph the degree in to a horrible media type degree with modules in animation, photography, instillations or modern media. Do art degrees that just focus on improving 2D painting ability exist when specifying digital media? Or is it best just to bring along a tablet and laptop to a standard fine art degree and try and use that while you are surrounded by easels?

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    I'm not sure if my advice will help or not but here goes:

    I went to Art Institute of Chicago in the late 80's early 90's. Mostly studied painting and drawing (the school tended to be known for it's abstract expressionist leanings)

    I did alot of fine art pursuit after school in the 90's.

    In the early 2000's I started to involve digital art skills.

    I am currently back at school studying web design and development.

    I would STRONGLY recommend (especially as you are a young student with more time and energy) to learn everything you can! Certainly utilize the digital medium and skills. Take the laptop and any other digital tool you have - totally worth it to know this stuff. Fine art knowledge is still very important and awesome - but complimenting it with digital knowledge is (should be) a pre-requisite in the life of an artist!

    Granted, I know artists who are luddites and purists - but I see them waste tons of money on paying other people to: digitally photograph, scan, crop, manipulate, compress, burn DVD's, etc. their images to potential clients/galleries. Much less actually create something artistic using a pen/tablet.

    Final word - know how to use it well!

    Congrats on going to school and don't completely waste time being wasted and girl/boy chasing - it's true what you might hear - going back to school when you are older (making up for laziness the first time) is so much more difficult!


    edit: after re-reading you question, I'm not sure if I was really addressing it. I recommend learning to paint using brushes and with the tablet as well. I Really can't see the justification of painting with tablet in a traditional painting class - you're there to learn a particular thing (brush and paint handling) - not that other thing (digital brush).

    edit2: Check out The Ringling school in Florida... it might have better options for your situation.

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